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“During the development stage, 11,500 direct jobs and over 50,000 indirect jobs will be created and 98 per cent of them for Pakistanis, mostly local people.

It is not difficult to imagine what an economic revolution this project would bring for the wellbeing of the people of Balochistan and, indeed, Pakistan.

The case of Reko Diq and the nefarious designs and decisions of those in power at the time reflects a classic case as to how organised crime and the mafia behind major national decisions operate and trade off national interests.

As a citizen of Pakistan, I filed a petition in the Supreme Court to become a party and save this vital project from disaster.

Instead of sabotaging the development of Reko Diq, let the same conditions be applied to all others.

The successful implementation of such projects, require monumental financial resources and commitment from the government, like to Kahuta.

The courts are there to see that the laws are observed and justice has generally been the law’s guiding principle.” The 1973 Constitution was framed by the best legal and political minds, yet it has already seen 19 Amendments.

If you though the women were stripping for free, I am sorry to be the barrier of bad news.

You will always have to pay for the hot and lickable babes to drop their pants for a loser like you, and I mean this in a good way.

It was very heartening to see that the Government of Balochistan in the 1980s, in spite of alarming law and order situation, were able to attract world mining giants to invest in exploration at Reko Diq.

If anyone in Pakistan thinks that he can set up a smelter for the final refining of the concentrate from Reko Diq and operate it profitably, he must do so and make a great deal for himself.

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