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If interested, send me an email at lists(at)Name Cult.com, and I’ll write you back when I’m ready to get started. IMPORTANT: I highly suggest you double and triple check all domains for typos, bad translations, trademarks, IDNs and to confirm any errors in stats/data.Remember that the only person ever responsible for buying a domain is the person who buys it.They had this innate ability to call a spade a spade and a shit situation, just that. There was so much resistance, the anxiety stronger than ever.There were no simple steps, in fact, they would reiterate that there was nothing simple about it. Each and every word, came out shaky and hesitant, as if they no longer trusted me.But by then, I had learned that creativity, isn’t easy.It requires effort, commitment, practice, discipline and pushing through the resistance. I had decided that my words didn’t even have to make sense, they just had to be written.I’m reminded every day, I’m not alone, we are not alone.

I discovered new perspectives, ideas and teachings through other people’s willingness to share their own stories.

NAMECULT NEWSLETTER: I’m finally going to try to start a newsletter before the end of the year. NOTE: All the way at the bottom is a place for you to leave your comments. If you search for “Gambling” you’ll get all the domains I’ve tagged with related terms (including domains with “Lotto”, “Jackpot” and other gambling terms).

Just to give everyone fair warning, closeout priority and extra auction names will be given to varying degrees to those who use the affiliate links (clicking on the domain names in my lists). Please feel free to do so whether it’s to comment on my words here .. You can also click the triangles in the table header to sort the domain names by any field you want.

One thing that I find really creepy is when guys have a picture of their kids as their profile picture.

That's nice that you have children and that you love them, but I don't want to date your kids.

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