Winchester 94 dating

The only place to mount a scope was on the left side of the receiver.

It made it possible to launch smaller bullets at heretofore unheard of velocities, flattening trajectories and enabling hunters and shooters to take big-game animals or hit targets at much longer ranges.

By mid-1895 the nickel-steel barrel issues had successfully been addressed and Winchester introduced its first smokeless powder sporting cartridge-the .25-35 Winchester Center Fire (WCF)-in the ’94.

A few months later they expanded the neck of the .25-35 to .30 caliber, and the .30-30 Winchester was born.

Let’s go back 120 years to 1894, when John Moses Browning was at the pinnacle of his fertile developmental mind.

He had improved the lever-action rifle to be easier to manufacture, while at the same time capable of handling some of the most powerful cartridges of the time with the Model 1886.

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