Who us justin bieber dating

Us Weekly quickly confirmed that the on-and-off couple were back together once again.

The couple came together for a brief time when they were seen updating a lot of pictures on Instagram. Bieber even posted a video of a party they attended.

We hope the star is able to manage both and we can see her in movies as well as listen to her songs!!

They both flirt with each other, but they are not dating right now.

But fans can expect this lovely couple in future sharing a very compatible and attractive bond.

Netizens have also given the name as “NIALLENA,” and all are looking forward to this hot and sexy couple.

Ariana Grande Even though Justin was dating someone and Ariana was with Mac Miller they have a friendship that the fans adored.

Now that Jelena chapter is closed, apparently Selena is onto someone next. They shared a picture on Instagram earlier in which Niall was kissing on the cheek of Selena and showed great chemistry. Like recently in an event in Los Angles where they were caught sitting together and sharing lovely moments.

They went on a romantic dinner date in Paris while they were there.

It was apparently caption-less when he posted it on Instagram.

Baldwin also confirmed that she and Bieber were dating, but not official, dating around the same time.

Neither Bieber nor Baldwin immediately confirmed the engagement. Bieber and Baldwin spent the start of together in St.

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