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I went from 230 pounds starting high school and I graduated at 160. Now it’s like anything like that, I can’t even look at that shit. Not to talk negatively about people but like, you have to know, if you live in America today you have to know. He started writing blogs and doing the whole You Tube thing stuff back in the early 2000s. Kenny: I went for an audition at 21 and by 22 I was on TV. There was kind of a catalyst of things and a cluster of things that had happened all around that time that kind of drew me to just get a real agency.Everyone [inaudible ] that pepperoni, pizza, it’s like I’m drunk and I’m out somewhere, but other than that I kind of stay away from that stuff, cakes and stuff unless I’m at a really good place, I won’t eat that shit. When I see people by Coca Cola or Pepsi or smoke a cigarette, I’m like, is it 1992, what the fuck is going on in your life? When you are a reality TV star, it was like all the fame, I’m like there is a huge difference between a legitimate actor or performer and a reality TV star.

Angelo: I’m doing great man, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to be on the show. Physically, emotionally, mentally it feels like shit. How was that from your parents when you were getting a little chubbier and stuff like that? When I was—I had to be going into 4th or 5th grade, we all went to the doctor, my mom brought me, my two brothers and my sisters all there, my doctor is like, “he gained 25 pounds and that’s abnormal for a kid of his age, you need to put him on a diet”. I was probably one of the taller kids but I was definitely fat. As far as your family now, have they advanced in health and wellness through you and stuff like that, or is it still kind of that old paradigm? He’s still does those [inaudible ] workouts and old school body building things.

Obviously even today, still today, as much as we know there is still a lot of information that’s skewed and different understandings of what nutrition is and what we should be eating and shouldn’t be eating, the debate between carbs and fats and all these other shit. When you were at that weight, did you—it feels a little bit extreme as far as like your nutrition and all that stuff, did you feel like it was hard to stay at that weight, or did you feel like it was just easy? 160 felt comfortable and I got myself into this routine. Only 15% or 16% of the population have memberships. If 85% of the people aren’t even buying anything you really don’t have any competition. If you are a bargain-based shopper and you want to go somewhere cheaper then go and do that, but there are so many more people I need to talk to, so many more people that need my help.

I was like, I’m going to eat salads with chicken for lunch, I’m going to have smoothies for breakfast or eggs for breakfast, and at night I would just eat like tuna out of a can. When I was a kid I used to drink soda and eat [inaudible ] salami and all that shit. Angelo: I’ve heard the name, yes Kenny: Really smart dude, great dude big into the fitness space forever. He told me this crazy new statistic how there is only 15% or 16% of the population in the United States has a gym membership. I’m not worried about the two or three who are looking for a Mc Donalds when there is an awesome steakhouse right next door. You get through high school- at what age did you get on MTV? Kenny: I started in 20004, 2005 I believe, and then I did—I was hosting shows up until like 2012, 2013.

Unfortunately back in April my dad had a massive stroke and he’s been in the hospital since April, a week after my birthday. My dad had a stroke, he’s got dementia, a lot of this stuff isn’t caused by not working out, but it’s a catalyst for these things to happen a lot sooner than they normally would.

I’m not saying exercise is the cure for it, but it is.

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