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A sip of coffee and I hit David with my first question: “So. “In fact,” he says, “John heard I was thinking about moving there and he was like …” (David contorts his face into a skeptical “Yeah, right,” look.) It’s adorable. Instead, he found it endearing and says that it’s reflective of what former mayor Tom Murphy once described to him as Pittsburgh’s greatest strength and greatest weakness — “tenacious tribalism.” We’ll wear that shoe, won’t we, Pittsburgh? Nick’s Church, expecting an explosion of anger, as his impassioned letter to the editor about the very subject had recently been published in the .Instead, he channels his passion into logical arguments supported by the facts that come with exhaustive research.Or when a unionized worker who has done something vile is suspended pay. I check my watch and realize I need to head out, but not before I pose one more question. But David is a strong union supporter, and I know that about him. He’s a successful Hollywood actor who could easily have walked away from Pittsburgh decades ago to join his colleagues in a charmed life on the West coast, but instead makes his home here and fights for a history he wants to see preserved and people he wants to see treated fairly in the face of seemingly daunting power. And it’s kind of romantic, but also, interestingly, a little fraught.He knows Jen and Tahl, and likes them (apparently), but obviously, the four of them living together with a child is going to create some interesting situations.

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He calls the church their “Plymouth Rock” and a “monument to their history.” “It’s the first Croatian church … ” he says dumbfoundedly, gesturing for emphasis, shaking his head in disbelief.

“The diocese has saddled the parish with an insurance premium that the diocese chose to take on,” he says.

“They’re making the parish pay.” He laments that there can’t be a meeting of the minds. “Cutting things to the bone doesn’t make you a better person. Take the time to sit down and figure out a way for the parish to get what it needs and whoever it is on the other end to get what it needs.

Drew, The Ricki Lake Show, and as experts in various online articles.

In October, show producer and director Natalia Garcia put out a call for new applications, although the second season was yet to be confirmed.

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