Webcam nansurfer dating the enemy 1996

You see, with most sites there's a homepage, some previews, and links to videos, and a drop-down menu which takes you to the rest of the website. Not radically so, but the designers clearly decided to go in a different direction in terms of function and aesthetics.At the top of the page are listed all of the main site functions like logging in, searching for vids, and other specialty search tools like what’s popular or what has been recently uploaded.Like any good porn site, Mansurfer lists all of its performers.Unfortunately, unlike a lot of other sites they only list the performers’ names – there are no pictures, no thumbnail reviews of their work, just a name.

So, if you're skipping from clip to clip, scrolling down and getting to a fresh vid is super simple.

And no I’m not talking about all of the uncovered ass on this site.

I mean that Mansurfer uploads clips of videos from popular sites all over the web, writes up a small synopsis of the full scene, and gives you just enough content to get interested in getting a subscription.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Spelling mistakes at internet search for

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