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After some small talk I asked him, “So who do you know here? I continued to pry and the brother told me the story I’m telling you now: He and the producer co-founded the software company together. They didn’t make a cent but they were doing what they loved and they were doing it together. That success led to more success and within a matter of months they were making millions of dollars.The company’s next steps were critical in determining how big they’d become. The brothers could not agree on a direction though.Mark is so into his own problems, in fact, that he’s completely blindsinded when Erica breaks up with him.Convincing himself that he could care less, Mark heads back to his Harvard dorm to do what any computer nerd does when he gets dumped by a girl he never should’ve landed in the first place. “Blah blah blah, Erica’s the biggest bitch whore in the world…” But the dumping ignites Mark’s imagination and he comes up with an idea for a website – a sort of “Hot or Not” which allows Harvard guys to compare Harvard women against each other.Things got so bad that in the end, the producer, who had a slight majority in the company, fired his brother.The brother told me he hadn’t spoken to him in over 2 years and that these parties were the only times he got to see him (he was never invited. Although he now had more money than he had ever dreamed of, he said if he could do it all over again, he never would’ve started that company. One, I’ll never forget the sadness in that man’s eyes.

Okay, well, maybe it wouldn’t be about things per se.He was new to Hollywood – Three years prior he’d created some hot piece of software that sold for a fortune. Even though he didn’t know a lot, he was smart enough to pick things up quickly.This left him with a ton money at a very young age and when you’re young and rich, what do you do? Raised on the first two seasons of Entourage, he liked living the Hollywood life just as much as he liked working in it.So a year into our relationship, he invited me to one of his lavish house parties.It was everything you’d imagine a party in the Hills to be.

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