Weatherlink not updating wunderground

Data Access all of your raw sensor data at the click of a button.You can sort by date/time or data type and export any data set directly to an Excel-friendly file. ) Use the Weather Link Map to view and interact with the community of public stations in the worldwide Weather Link Network.It should be set to the same interval (in seconds) that you use to upload your conditions to Weather (60 seconds is the default).This setting specifies the ICAO/name of the near-by METAR station that will be used to provide current conditions (weather/sky cover) for the ajax-dashboard and ajax-gizmo.Click on a station to see a summary of current data and click the bulletin to see the stations customized weather dashboard.Mobilize Use the Davis Mobilize App on i OS or Android to create custom frost, weather, crop and irrigation views for web and mobile.The data is loaded in a $WX[] array with the Weather Link tag names used as the key to access the data in the associative array.

This setting specifies whether your station has a UV sensor. = false means your station does not have a UV sensor which will result in the ajax-dashboard displaying a UV forecast in that area instead of the UV sensor value.A list of nearby METAR names can be found using the find METAR query script.This setting specifies whether the weather station rain-rate should display the rain words based on the current rain rate.Enjoy 7-day and hourly forecast, rain, barometer, solar radiation and many more.Weather Link IP is plug-and-play there is no annual subscription to upload your data to the Weather Link Cloud and start enjoying viewing your current conditions anywhere & anytime.

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