Vb net progressbar not updating

Close() End If End Sub ' Implementation of the Delegate Update Sub Update Delegate Impl(By Val progress As Integer) Progress Bar1.

Private Sub Form1_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load cs = "Initial Catalog = KRADB; Data Source = .; User id = lab; Password = 'clrscr2010'" sqlcon = New Sql Connection(cs) sqlcon. Close() dt = New Data Table sda = New Sql Data Adapter("SELECT * FROM KRAWEEK WHERE STATUS='INITIAL'", sqlcon) sda.

Here's a very basic example to demonstrate it with: In this case, I've used a pretty standard approach of showing progress as a percentage (between 0 and 100%), giving it an initial value of 75.

Another approach is to use actual minimum and maximum values from a list of tasks you're performing.

If you want to have more flexible control of the value of the progress bar, you can use the Increment method or set the value of the Value property directly.

Unfortunately, as I already described, nothing will happen.

Well..simplistic answer is to run those commands in the Do Work() handler of a Background Worker()!

Use either the Progress Changed() or Run Worker Completed() events to pass the info back to the UI.

The following code example uses a Progress Bar control to display the progress of a file copy operation.

The example uses the Minimum and Maximum properties to specify a range for the Progress Bar that is equivalent to the number of files to copy. Length - 1 ' Copy the file and increment the Progress Bar if successful.

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