Updating xml document

In several cases you can use either an array function or a structure function for a purpose, such as for deleting all of an element's attributes or children.

Sets a range of entries in an Xml Children array to equal the contents of a specified element structure.

When you use direct assignment, you can specify on the left side an index into the Xml Children array greater than the last child in the array.

For example, you often have the choice of using an assignment statement or a function to update the contents of a structure or an array.

The following table lists the array functions that are valid for such references: If your XML object is case sensitive, you cannot use dot notation to reference an element or attribute name.

Use the name in associative array (bracket) notation, or a reference that does not use the case-sensitive name (such as xml Children1) instead.

This parameter must be the parameter in the method, and the element name must be the third parameter.

Cold Fusion then associates the namespace prefix with the URI, and you can omit the URI parameter in further xml Elem New functions.

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