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During the postwar housing boom, the pine industry promoted its use with lots of advertising.

Moreover, in midcentury America, knotty pine was not only considered practical — it was downright fashionable, said to to Ed Vorhees, who has owned Tidewater Lumber in Greer, S. I asked Vorhees if he knew where the name Pickwick Pine came from, but he did not know.

In nearly seven years of blogging, we also have seen it used in basements, attics, porches — even bathrooms and ceilings — see our 2012 uploader of readers’ interiors full o’ the knotty.

Why the popularity of the decorative pickwick pine pattern in midcentury America?

Also, I like the idea of using randow widths and piecing them together.

That said, I do not know if folks would have done this in the wayback time machine days. We welcome any reader sleuthing on this question — this pickwick pine puzzle will now perturb Pam until an answer is apprehended.

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