Updating the deployment share

Deployment Workbench automatically adds the NIC device drivers that you add to the deployment share to the Windows PE boot images .You have the additional option of automatically adding video and system device drivers from the deployment share to the Windows PE boot images .

When you update your deployment share in the Deployment Workbench, MDT 2010 automatically generates the following custom Windows PE images (here platform is x86 or x64): ■ Lite Touch Windows PE (platform) file ■ Lite Touch PE_platform.You can update deployment shares using the Update-MDTDeployment Share cmdlet and the MDTProvider Windows Power Shell provider.Updating a deployment share creates the Windows PE boot images (WIM and International Organization for Standardization [ISO] files) necessary to start LTI deployment.This option determines the platforms for which Deployment Workbench generates Windows PE boot images . Click the Rules tab and then edit the deployment share's settings .These settings are located in Custom Settings.ini, which is located in the deployment share's Control folder.

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