Updating statistics sql server

One area of the engine which is easy to overlook is statistics.After all, statistics still get created the same way, they still tell you about the distribution of data, they're still used by the Query Optimizer… The basic function of statistics remains the same – but how they're used by the Query Optimizer does change depending on the Cardinality Estimator you're using.This time around I'd like to talk about social networking. Facebook, My Space, and Twitter are all good examples of using technology to let...Last week I posted Speaking at Community Events - Time to Raise the Bar?0 index(es)/statistic(s) have been updated, 1 did not require update.Updating [dbo].[Test Memory2] [PK__Test Memo__3214EC07D3DC52DE], update is not necessary… 2 index(es)/statistic(s) have been updated, 0 did not require update.At the heart of all the methods we’ll look at is the UPDATE STATISTICS command.

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For now though, let’s just look at how you go about updating statistics.

This is another method you might use for manually updating statistics (perhaps as part of a scheduled maintenance job).

This system stored procedure can be used for updating all of the statistics objects in a database: This stored procedure iterates through your database using a WHILE loop and executes the UPDATE STATISTICS command as it goes.

Equally though if you’re updating statistics in a quieter time (e.g.

overnight) you may feel you can afford the extra time for the full scans.

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