Updating sql proceedure

T-SQL (Transact SQL) SPs receive and returns parameters.

These SPs process the Insert, Update and Delete queries with or without parameters and return data of rows as output.

User defined stored procedure can take input parameters and return output parameters.

User defined stored procedure is mixture of DDL (Data Definition Language) and DML (Data Manipulation Language ) commands.

Stored procedues in SQL allows us to create SQL queries to be stored and executed on the server. The main purpose of stored procedures to hide direct SQL queries from the code and improve performance of database operations such as select, update, and delete data.

You can create and execute stored procedures using the Object Explorer in SQL Server or using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Students WHERE student_id = @student_id END GO It is important to note that for every column you include in the update code you will need to enter data for.

Once a stored procedure has been created it is stored within one of the system tables in the database that is was created in.The following example is for creating a simple update stored procedure.You can run it through an explicit call from a host language program or directly from a DBMS query execution shell like SQL Server Management Studio or db Orchestra.The CREATE PROCEDURE SQL command is used to create a procedure, followed by a SP name and its parameters.The BEGIN and END area is used to define the query for the operation.

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