Updating imac g3

He's also the only person I've ever heard from who has managed to get 512 MB RAM cards working in tray-loading i Macs.

He writes, "We have found two of these early i Macs, likely 333s, that would accept and report a 512 MB card.

(You can't boot from a CD to do a firmware update; you have to boot from a hard drive.) Be sure the firmware update has taken before upgrading your Mac OS installation, as you can otherwise end up with a Mac that won't boot with the OS you've just installed.

Another tip from Bill: If you do end up with an unbootable tray-loading i Mac and have access to another i Mac that's working just fine with the version of the Mac OS you installed, swap out the little daughtercard CPU modules.

Certainly a confirmed Mac lover, he has made some interesting discoveries and developed some interesting techniques for refurbishing, repairing, and updating older Macs, particularly G3 i Macs, which are quite common there.

With Tiger and a partial load of i Life, these early i Macs make decent trainer i Macs for bringing seniors into a totally Mac online experience The tray-loading i Macs shipped with OEM 4-6 GB hard drives.

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The most important step in upgrading tray-loading i Macs, Blue & White G3 Power Macs (especially the Blue & White G3), and a few other Macs of that period is making sure you update the firmware before you install any software updates or new versions of the Mac OS.

Here are the steps: Another option is to use an external Fire Wire enclosure for formatting/partitioning the receiver drive and cloning your disk image to it.

Using this process, you can create a bootable OS X drive for a tray-loading i Mac, beige G3, or Wall Street Power Book without ever touching XPost Facto.

You can install the classic Mac OS and Mac OS X through version 10.3 from CD, which is the only kind of optical drive Apple ever built into the tray-loading i Macs and the 350 MHz slot-loading i Mac.

Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" usually ships on DVD, although it was possible to order it from Apple on CD.

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