Updating fuses to breakers

Remember to match the breakers with the existing fuses.

Do not attempt to put a 25-amp breaker into a spot that housed a 15-amp fuse.

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Glass fuses, on the other hand, will blow when overloaded.

These controls need to be completely replaced with new fuses.

Switching from a fuse box to circuit breakers may provide a more reliable electrical system, but this upgrade shouldn't be taken on without serious consideration. If you've recently moved into a home or apartment with glass fuses, changing may be one of the first home improvement projects you want to complete.

Fuses tend to limit the fault better, blowing quicker than a standard breaker.Others feel that dated electrical services are unsafe and do not provide the same level of protection that newer designs offer. But unless the existing service is creating problems with your electrical appliances and devices, or the insurance company is insisting on an upgrade, you may not need to spend the money.Safety could be an issue, but some engineers argue that glass fuses offer a reasonable amount of protection.You'll need to call the local utility company first, and arrange to have the incoming service upgraded.This change will alter the wiring coming into your home, meaning that the replacement breakers will not match the existing fuse sizes.

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