Updating dbml asp net

The Details action returns the details of the user.

Run the application and click on detail link in the user list.

That way, you can implement the repository using various data access technologies in the future.

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Operation 5: Delete User Create two actions in the controller, one to show the details of the user after clicking on the Delete link (Get Action) and another to Delete the user (Post Action).

Create Controller and Views for User CRUD operations You need to create a controller to handle the request from the browser.

In this application I created the "User Controller" controller under the Controllers folder.

Figure 1.2 New user create Operation 2: Show List of All Users Create an action in the controller named Index. Run the application and call the index action for the user list.

Figure 1.3 All User list Operation 3: Show Details of User Create an action in the controller named Details.

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