Trina dating

She has been paired with others like Soulja Boy, JZ, C-Murder, Trick Daddy, Baby Aka Birdman and Derek Hollywood Harris.

"Everybody was like we got this beat, we got this, we got that, we want you to get in there and write to this track, write to this song, write to this topic." On March 21, 2000, Trina's debut album Da Baddest Bitch was released.Gabe’s death and Trina’s grieving process will be heavily featured on upcoming episodes of Braxton Family Values.“It was a very difficult time,” she admits.“My sons had a really difficult time as well, but you know, thank god for my fiance now. You know, he really helped me through it, he stood right by me and I knew it was sometimes difficult for him, you know, especially to watch me as his now fiancee, but grieve over someone else.”“He knew it was strictly out of friendship,” she continues.Trina is assumed to be the most coveted women in the industry (HIP-HOP), with her rumors of dating many hiphop artists and American athletes.She is an African-American looking as good as any model and hard to resist.

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