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Taking charge is something women often avoid as they think it makes them look needy; however, taking charge (like asking a guy for his number) comes off as confidence to a man.

The 5 Don’ts of flirting are: don’t make it too obvious, don’t stare, don’t overdo it, don’t flirt with other guys at the same time and don’t feign interest (in other words–keep your signals consistent.) Throughout the episodes, Steve is constantly dolling out dating advice so make sure to tune in to the Tough Love season finale this Sunday on VH1.

“I think my mom and I both played a very impartial role in the male-female aspect of the show,” Steve explained.

“There are certain times where one of the guys may have been more at fault and then there were certain times where their counterpart had been more at fault, so mom and I were very fair and balanced.” Desperate to know if they are currently with their perfect match, the couples partake in all the silly and serious challenges the Wards have in-store for them at boot camp.

:) Also, if you're interested, can prove identity, verify registered addresses and determine business/property/parcel ownership too! Last night my wife and I inadvertently had dinner next to the very funny @bryancallen & his beautiful kids.

I'd love examples of advisors working for cash instead of equity.

The brand new show features the mother-son duo counseling couples in crisis.

“There was a lot of drama, a lot of emotions and it was hard for a lot of people,” explains Heather.“This season mom and I are both executive producers,” Steve shared.“So we’re much more involved in the complete process, from pre-production and selecting the cast and creating challenges that are going to be used on the show.” The Ward’s have given each of the couples a nickname.“Just being here to support Steve with his views and his experience in matching couples and working with couples and you know he’s really great at it, he’s awesome!He really didn’t need much of my help, “I’m the Den Mother! While fans are accustomed to seeing Steve and Jo Ann counsel only women on TV, they actually help both men and women with their Philadelphia-based business, Master Matchmakers.

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