Toledo ohio dating friends only

As a former musician, I’m lucky to know who is playing around town and get to see some great music while in town.

The musical talent here, relative to the amount of respect they get in the form of applause or attention, might be some of the best in the world.

While at a local diner I asked the waitress, “Do you have any vegetarian options? ”And no, removing the chicken from the top of a salad is not acceptable vegetarian food.

In Toledo you can have a burger, steak, ribs or chicken wings. While Toledo is the 5th most bar dense city in the US, the scene is as bland and one dimensional as the food scene.

I met some great people, got a decent job, and started a group to gather entrepreneurial individuals together called Startup Toledo.

With the demand for all those burgers, steaks and ribs, we’ve got plenty of gigantic CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Food Operations). All that waste concentration is correlated with creating the toxic algae blooms, but the jury is still out if this is why Toledo couldn’t drink their own water last summer.

The food we eat in Toledo (and the rest of America) is the #1 threat to our lives and well-being.

Instead of worrying about ISIS, we should be worried about the menu at our restaurants and school cafeterias.

We were both from there, we started our first band together in high-school and found comfort in each other’s company.

We both had big ideas and didn’t like the way things were in Toledo.

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