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We have an attorney who as successfully defended these types of cases. We love our animals and have struggled to keep everything going...including going without so we can provide for them.

I wouldn't ask for help except I am on a dial-up system which drops off and drops coding; I have an older Win 98 computer which doesn't help; and I don't know enough to get it 'out there' fast enough.

I've been through them, we've all been through them.

The loss of appetite,calling, text messaging or emailing your ex several times a day, feeling massively depressed, feeling urges to spy on them, endlessly rehearsing what you should have said or what you will say when you do see him or her.

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is the site for cash advance Find cash advance, debt consolidation and more at If you have read my profile, you know that my husband and I have a cattle and apple ranch in Northern California. Then, last Feb, Animal Control was called (by the people who did the poisoning).What you don't know is my husband has spent over the last 30 years maintaining, caring and breeding a particular nationally recognized bloodline of racing Arabian horses. About 10 years ago (unbeknowst to us at the time), a neighbor who happens to be a medical doctor, began to, basically, terrorize us...breaking equipment, blown tires, but most disheartening was he began to poison our animals. And it's impossible to give a rational answer to irrational acts. Instead of working with us, they chose to take all 17 horses.WSO Virgin PLR Articles in the Diet/Weight Loss & Exercise/Fitness HOT Niches I debated and debated about posting, but I have met some absolutely wonderful Warriors and, right now, I'm at my wits end! But our 'problem' followed us and 'someone' began to poison our horses again (it's a long story).

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