Ted hack online dating

She interacted with a total of 96 women, systematically noting their behaviors and responses, from the way they constructed their profiles to the language they used in interactions to how long they took in responding to messages, reverse-engineering what makes a successful, popular female profile that attracts the very kind of man Amy was looking for.

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For 700 out of a maximum possible 1800, she’d agree to have an email exchange; for 900, she’d go on a date; for 1,500, she’d consider a long-term relationship.

Amy writes in the introduction: I realized that we’ve all been going about finding our matches the wrong way.

Whether we’re dating in the real world or online, we’re relying too much now on hope and happenstance. We don’t allow ourselves to think about what we really want in a partner, an then we don’t sell ourselves in order to get it.

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