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I’d say there was a lot of luck involved in managing to get a photo of the thief.In a lot of cases the laptops are sold on very quickly meaning the picture would have been of another victim who bought the machine.Don’t fall into the trap yourself – create a unique, hard-to-crack password for any device that connects to the Internet.[security camera footage via Shutterstock] Are web cameras just connected to the local net accessible?

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But, the thieves who took Kait Duplaga’s Mac Book will be counting themselves unlucky after being caught by way of a photo Kait took of them after they had stolen her laptop.

Still, well done to Kait for quick thinking and managing to get all her kit back.

I’d be interested to hear how people try and protect their gadgets around the home.

“There are loopholes and certain phones or computers that have ability to hack into your system and access your webcam,” Algazi said.

“Most hackers are not that sophisticated, especially the ones that are sending these emails.”“They gave him a check for ten thousand dollars and said, ‘Listen, we’re going to give you this check, pull nine thousand out of it, send it to us in cash, wrap it up in a package and mail it to us,” Algazi said.

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