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This first version of Gibson’s 12-string/6-string double neck is hollow, and therefore resonates with a much deeper musical depth than later models.

And since this beauty dates back to 1960, it is equipped with four PAFs.

If you like him, just say it: I Ain't Ashamed of My Man Crush.

Our first interview with Howe was recorded in the middle of the night, while Howe was in a studio with guitarist Martin Taylor (both talks appeared in the September ’96 issue), recording an album that featured instruments in the Scott Chinery Collection.

Steve Howe is known not only as the guitarist of the legendary British progressive rock band Yes, but also as one of the most curious and demanding collectors in the business.

He did not focus his collection on a particular type of guitar, but rather looked for the most original models, and those that sound the best (after all, he always remained a musician first and a collector second).

But Howe is also a giant among collectors, which was even documented in a beautiful book published in 1993 which shows the incredible variety of guitars acquired by the master, from the most classical to the most eccentric, as well as curiosities such as a Gibson harp guitar or lap steels from the 1950s.All those instruments were of course played in the course of his many recordings, and he consciously used some to flavour the sound of legendary albums.On Close to The Edge (1972), for example, we hear almost exclusively a Gibson ES-345.He then formed the supergroup Asia, whose first eponymous album released in 1982 was a resounding success.From then on, the versatile guitarist explored a range of exciting musical avenues, and finally rejoined Yes in 1991.

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