Spung the dating game

Sprung puts players in the shoes of either Becky or Brett who try to get an NPC of the opposite sex to fall in love with them.

Players "flirt" their way through conversations; player responses influence the resulting NPC dialogue.

Her heart was pounding again at what she was about to do, and she nearly jumped out of her skin when someone said, "Christine? "They walked around the corner and stopped in front of an old 1950's era Ford Thunderbird.

She came up out of the portal onto the sidewalk and looked around.

"He didn't sound so dominant, and Christine was feeling hesitant again. " she asked."We're almost to the danger zone," he answered."Almost there, you mean? Christine followed Brian into his house and into the living room."Well," he said. So what do you want me to do.""Wait here a sec," he said and went off down a hallway.

Then he got on the Garden State Parkway and headed north."How far is your house from here? He turned into a development of small houses and after a bit of meandering, turned into a driveway and pulled into a garage next to another old Ford Thunderbird, numbered "1." Thunderbird 1 was painted silver, and had a small rocket-like nose cone welded to the hood.

It's kind of late, and I don't know if I want to go back into the city.""I see. He was wearing a bright yellow tee shirt that said, "I came on Eileen" in dark red letters."Hi! It also had the number "2" panted in white on the back fenders, and had the strangest looking rear spoiler that looked a lot like a row of square jet engines. She tossed her satchel into the back seat and sat in the car.

"She spun around to see a tall guy with brown hair and glasses. The glossy paint was dark green with a narrow yellow stripe running up along the front door seam across the hood and back down the other door seam. You can say I'm a Thunderbird fan." He opened the door for her and she got in.

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It would be really great if you could please submit a description for this title as that makes a more complete resource for other visitors. Traffic was light as he drove cross streets and got on Route 78 to the Pulaski Skyway through Jersey City. A few minutes later, he got off the Parkway into a residential area. Whenever is good for you, I suppose.""How about now? He got in the driver's side, popped a tape into the stereo, and drove off to the sound of Cass Carnaby Five playing their hit single, Dangerous Game.Female CUM-SPONGE wanted: Using a two-part harness joined at a cock ring, I will wear one part on my hips with the cock ring held tightly in place at the base of my cock, and you will wear the other part over your head with that same cock ring pressed tightly against your mouth. He returned a few minutes later with a larger Tupperware box.Thus connected, you will be my cum-sponge for a 24-hour period. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay, but I'm straight. Opening it revealed a box of adult diapers and a leather harness with all kinds of straps, buckles, and rings."This is it," he said as he lifted the harness from the box."Yeah," she answered, getting impatient with his bashful demeanor, "now what? She pulled her socks off next, leaving herself standing there in just a bra and panties.

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    Dating is difficult, and many first dates will never continue on to a second, so be patient with yourself and others.