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Since its inception in 2003, the pumpkin spice latte has become something of a straw man for discussions about capitalism, seasonal creep, and the meaning of “basic,” resulting in widespread hatred for an otherwise innocuous beverage.For example, back in 2014, at the height of pumpkin spice mania, this very website described the PSL as “an unctuous, pungent, saccharine brown liquid, equal parts dairy and diabetes, served in paper cups and guzzled down by the liter” — even though clearly the pumpkin spice latte is a highly delicious treat that pairs well with wearing vests and making dorky comments about how crisp the air feels today.I had a guy I hooked up with text me while I was still driving home from his place. To the surprise of no one, he and I never saw each other again.August 27 is not a day that is particularly known for feeling especially crisp or autumnal in most parts of North America.While some women will certainly find this sweet, it can come across as kind of parental, which is the antithesis of horny.Additionally, do not ever text someone you just went on a first date with “good night.” While I’m positive there are people who find this endearing, there are far more who will find it weird and relationship-y, and it’s way too early to be relationship-y.Text when you have something interesting to say (and no, complaining about your workday is not interesting).

Nor will compliments—a compliment after a first date feels like a review.These men's experiences come as figures also suggest that half of singletons in Britain have NEVER asked someone on a date face to face.A good first date is a lot like tequila: It makes you do stupid shit. The “when” of the follow-up text is the least important part.Additionally, replaying the date in awe suggests that you aren’t usually around women who are smart or funny or sexy, which is a red flag in and of itself. Even if you initiated the first date, don’t be afraid to do so again. You get bonus points if these New Fun Plans are something that you guys talked about on the date, but don’t get too tied up in planning.You aren’t on ; most women would be thrilled just to have a guy suggest a restaurant and a day of the week to meet there. Always tell her what you’re suggesting you ask if she’s free on a specific night.

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