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Prostitution in modern Portugal comes in a variety of forms including street prostitution, massage parlours, contact bars and even unofficial brothels.

Escorts can be found on classified sites and through specialist directories.

The capital, Lisbon, has a population of just half a million people but is a popular transport hub for some of the 10 million visitors who visit the country each year.

Portugal has a colourful history and has influenced other nations including parts of South America.

In 1963, the government adopted an abolitionist approach, closing both brothels and running houses.

The most popular search terms across the site coming out of Portugal are typically nationalistic with ‘Portugal, ‘Tuga’ and ‘Portuguese’ topping the list.

Because brothels are illegal, swinging clubs offer singles and couples the chance to cruise for casual encounters at a fraction of the cost of paying for a prostitute and these venues are similar to the sex clubs found in Northern Europe.

According to data published annually by the Demographic and Health Surveys and Knowledge report, one in four women aged 18 are sexually active vs 69% of males.

Despite this, STI rates in Portugal are not that high though the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is one of the highest in Europe (0.6% of the population have contracted the disease).

Since 2012, prostitution in Portugal has been on the increase with a marked rise in the number of the over 30s entering the trade.

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