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As a tree physiologist I would say that evidence of false rings in surely counts much more strongly against such the notion. Considering that the immediate post-Flood world would have been wetter with less contrasting seasons until the Ice Age waned (see Q&A: Ice Age), many extra growth rings would have been produced in the Bristlecone pines (even though extra rings are not produced today because of the seasonal extremes).Creationists have shown that the biblical kind is usually larger than the ‘species’ and in many cases even larger than the ’genus’—see my article Ligers and wholphins? Taking this into account would bring the age of the oldest living Bristlecone Pine into the post-Flood era.Claimed older tree ring chronologies depend on the cross-matching of tree ring patterns of pieces of dead wood found near living trees.This procedure depends on temporal placement of fragments of wood using carbon-14 (C age and that also extends to a younger age.But this doesn’t mean they don’t work, and can’t be fun.Most of the store-bought penis rings work on the same principle as the constriction rings -- by holding blood in the penis they can change the way erections feel, how long they last, and they can also change the way ejaculation and orgasm feel.Some men find these rings “work,” while others say they don’t.

Some penis rings are worn around the base of the penis and behind the scrotum, others can just be worn around the shaft of the penis.

They may or may not produce the same sorts of changes to erections.

If you’re buying a penis ring from a sex store, keep in mind that it hasn’t been clinically tested and neither the store nor the packaging should make any sort of medical claims or guarantees.

A tree ring pattern that matches is found close to where the carbon ‘dates’ are the same. It assumes that it is approximately correct to linearly extrapolate the carbon ‘clock’ backwards. The closer one gets back to the Flood the more inaccurate the linear extrapolation of the carbon ‘clock’ would become, perhaps radically so.

And so the tree-ring sequence is extended from the living trees backwards. Conventional carbon-14 dating assumes that the system has been in equilibrium for tens or hundreds of thousands of years, and that , chapter 4).

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