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What you might not like: If you're looking for a long-term, monogamous relationship, you're too much time on dating apps, and everyone should be swiping smarter, not more. What you might not like: This definitely isn't for the chronically impatient or for people who are guilty of sending out mass Tinder messages in the hopes of findings a hookup, stat.When you take yourself out on dates; dating yourself.Also, what a great test of friendship: If your BFF can't successfully set you up, who can?

Some famouses are on here, but not, like, mega famous Hollywood people.

What you might not like: If you want super detailed profile info, like you get on Hinge or Her, you may not find it here.

You've probably heard it whispered about among your minor celeb (or social climber) friends: Raya is an "exclusive" app meant to keep semi-famous people out of the riffraff on dating apps for Normals. : Hookups (with hot people)What's great about it: If you love the idea of making out with minor celebs or hate the idea of ever kissing a regular person again, get ye to Raya.

According to a recent study of 3,000 Americans conducted by online omnibus Vera Quest, just over 20 percent of Americans have used an online dating site or app.

Whether you choose to focus your time and energy on one or choose to spread yourself among three or more, is up to you.

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