Shahid kapoor and amrita rao dating Puta x view cam

Amrita also went on to describe how actors work with designers in order to promote both their own images and designer labels.

“It’s easier today to get a debut than it is actually to sustain your career.” Amrita also took a trip down memory lane, talking about how she first got started.

Rumour has it that Shahid and Kareena Kapoor broke up because of her, but Amrita begs to differ.

“I always maintained silence because I knew that time had its own way of revealing the truth and it has, today,“ she said.

Talking to sources before the function, Amrita, whose mother tongue is Konkani, had said that it's a community honour and she feels very humbled with the recognition.After a long single-hood, Shahid started dating his Kaminey actress Priyanka Chopra. Though they tried to their affair private, their constant dinner dates and chemistry on Karan Johar's show Koffee With Karan said it all. Shahid is now rumoured to be getting married this December to a Delhi based girl Mira Rajput.The couple never admitted in public that they were together but their chemistry at public events and chat shows were enough to reveal the secret. The couple reportedly got engaged on January 14, 2015.“I was still in school when I heard about this audition for a fairness cream ad.I got selected and subsequently appeared in more commercials, resulting in me noticed by Ramesh Taurani and Ken Ghosh. Amrita also revealed that she had trained in Hindustani classical singing, and her mother wanted to steer her towards a career in playback singing. She also gave her parents credit for backing her career choice.

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