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That’s because South Carolina’s season for wild oyster harvesting is typically October 1 – May 15, per South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) guidelines.

However, new laws and farming methods are allowing for oyster availability year-round.

In interviews with a cross-section of Rockdale's teenagers--not all of whom were connected to the syphilis outbreak or even knew about it-- the teens are brutally honest in talking about their world.

They describe sexual promiscuity, the new rules of dating and sex, their yearning to fit in and have friends, and their desire for attention--even discipline--from parents who confess they don't know how to--or are just too busy or too tired, to discipline, monitor or talk to their children about the important issues.

“This investigation revealed that there were no articulable or attainable evidence that would have risen beyond the initial complaint to the establishment of probable cause for criminal charges,” he said.

A statement from the Diocese also says Bishop Robert E.

Twenty-four miles east of Atlanta on the interstate, Conyers is prosperous and tranquil.As part of its 2007 class-action settlement, the diocese conducted an internal review of abuse allegations and shared results, including a list of names, with law enforcement.Once the current review is finished, officials will make public the complete list of abusive priests.“There has never been any allegation against Father Flores related to sexual abuse of a minor, and he would never have been accepted in this Diocese for ministry had there been any such allegation,” Diocese spokesperson Maria Aselage said in a statement Thursday.If you mention oysters to a South Carolina local, we tend to imagine the wintery weather surrounded by tables toppling over with succulent, steamed clusters.

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