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We never disclose member information, so you can be whoever you want to be on the Night Exchange.

The most seldom used men's room was in the basement, for this was where the hot action occurred.

I had been curious from time to time what sex with another guy would be like but it was kind of a passing thing. Being fancied by the hottest guys you could imagine. Lucas peeled it off, screwed it into a ball and threw it into the night. We would do everything together, hang out, go bike riding, talk, drink, cruise, talk, live, laugh and cry together.

I quickly got into the changing room it had been so long since I had sex. On second thoughts he wondered whether it might have been more sensible to keep it as insulation against the cold. The only thing we never did together was mess around.

First a little about myself, I was 24 at the time with blue eyes and blond hair, I stand 6 feet and weigh 220 lbs.

I am just your average white boy who happens to like black dick and a lot of it.

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