Rustom padilla carmina villaroel dating

As I enter my decade of resilience to endure all that is needed to go thru the very, an understatement, difficult process called TRANSITION, even more challenging times ahead is expected.

I’ve been mentioning these different aspects such as the physical, social, psychological, spiritual, physiological and professional confusion bec I have believed from the onset of my transition that all of these will be vital as I see myself eventually assimilating in the society as a woman, not as a man cross dressing as a woman or as a gay man, no pun intended, but as a WOMAN, transgender I may be.

It is a term for people whose gender identity is different from the sex they were assigned at birth.“Rustom Padilla is dead,” this news shocked the whole entertainment industry nine years ago and was surprised with the emergence of BB Gandanghari.The action star who is known to be a leading man in various action films and formerly the partner of actress Carmina Villaroel was gone and in his place came a blooming woman ready to face everything what it takes to find her place under the sun.According to her, she had to be resilient in order to endure everything she had to go through.Not only that, other aspects of her transition were also challenging to her, such as the “physical, social, psychological, spiritual, physiological and professional confusion”.

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