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Most French guys also like to travel, some of the favourite destinations being in America and including cities such as New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans.America is so popular because many French men like to meet and date American women.While it may be true that the French enjoy having good times and like to have fun, they are also refined and sophisticated, and bring a touch of elegance into their relationships.This is one very important reason why so many American women search for a man from this country, though the same reasoning applies also to ladies from the UK, New Zealand, Russia and Eastern Europe.And it’s these precious moments that bring them so much pleasure, especially the slow, gentle kiss that they bestow on their lady.

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Therefore, a visit to this country will introduce you to a global mix of nationalities, most of which happily accept a new modern lifestyle while keeping hold of their own traditions, thus bringing new ideas into this old country.

While some may think that French males are too skinny and effeminate, the reality proves otherwise.

They are well dressed and take care about themselves, just like most other men from other countries.

Remember to take a bottle of wine with you when meeting a group of French people, and don’t worry about anything, French men are naturally protective and disciplined.

Although the consumption of wine is typically French, they very rarely drink too much, believing that it’s disrespectful to be drunk.

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