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I have been using this site for 6-7 years quite actively. There are some serious ladies on it I met some- even had a romance with one and one other became a friend but there are a lot of fraudulous profiles.And if I summarize I spent quite a lot of money on it for rather poor results.And these guys (Jim and Sami) explain it why this kind of thing NEVER EVER works.Not to mention they give other extremely useful advice in other area of life, like how to obtain a good habit for example. Some ladies just dry up, after you got their e-mail adress.Today I would recommend myself to subscribe to some FREE newsletters from dating-gurus like Jim Wolfe and Sami Moa.There are many others, who are good too, but they are scamming your mail hard with their ads.

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Why do I want to review and recommend their service?The answer is very simple: this matchmaking agency based...Dear Friends, Today I would like to introduce you another International dating Be Happy2For the Men who are searching for LOVE: Do not ever send nor 1 dollar over there.I am not sure for married w child/-ren, but for the free ones, I have to say: When we were close to getting the limit of 15 mails to obtain their email they claimed various reasons for not continuing the communications such as "I found a job in Poland, good luck w your life" or they continue to write again and again the same stuff as if they are mentally retarded etc." ...

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    Black people meet is filled with some pretty decent people I’m sure.