Republican intimidating voters dating single tip woman

But still, as in the past, the Justice Department has announced it is deploying attorneys to 35 jurisdictions to monitor VRA compliance.

Trump, however, is signaling that they are not necessarily going to be there to fight for the right to vote, and may in fact have the opposite intention.

Does that mean the rest of the party is now free to punt on the burning question of who the “real” governor is, or do racial politics require them to hug the “Stacey won” talking point tight even as she’s inched away from it?

Anyway, she’s on firmer empirical ground in worrying about off-duty patrolmen turning up in majority-minority districts in 2020 on behalf of the GOP.

Adam Serwer explained it back in 2012 as a classic voter-suppression technique: Republicans, convinced that Democrats only win elections through voter fraud, have taken to setting up billboards warning that “voter fraud is a felony” in swing states this year.Naturally, these billboards only seem to pop up in minority neighborhoods.It’s unclear how effective the billboards are at intimidating people out of voting, but there’s no mistaking who they’re aimed at.In any event, Trump is providing a sadly appropriate coda to an election cycle in which Republicans have often exploited their control over election machinery to improve their electoral chances (most famously in Georgia, where Secretary of State Brian Kemp has aggressively sought to cut every available corner to deny votes to his gubernatorial opponent Stacey Abrams).In this, as in so many other respects, the president is setting quite the example for his party in lowering the tone of political discourse to previously unknown levels.

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