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The two main pillars of the thirteenth century date -- Other arguments used to support the thirteenth century date -- The implication of the Old Testament's chronological material -- Palestinian archaeology and the early date for the Exodus.

Jericho -- An excursus: Bichrome Ware and ceramic chronology -- Hazor -- Other conquest traditions and the end of the Middle Bronze Age.

) (1) MT – 430 years of sojourn in Egypt (2) LXX – 215 years of sojourn in Egypt c. The Hyksos, an Egyptian word meaning "rulers of foreign lands," were a group of non-Egyptian Semitic rulers, who controlled Egypt during the 15th and 16th Dynasties (1720-1570 ).

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The Abandonment of Avaris During the Reign of Amenhotep II Archaeologist, Douglas Petrovich at the University of Toronto has written a fascinating article[3] which explores the precise timing of the abandonment of the ancient Egyptian city of Avaris during the Egyptian 18 Dynasty.

What we do see in Amenhotep II, however, is a radical change in his foreign policy (which was very much unlike him), a re-alignment of his Naval forces which he used to launch military forays into Asia, and a religious “crisis” which led to the defacement of many Egyptian “gods” in the 9 year of his reign. continue reading » The most favored view begins with Exodus which says that the Israelites built for the Pharaoh two cities, Pithom and Raamses.

(3) The period of the Judges is not long enough if the 13th century is the date of the Exodus.

Yahweh of the Jews] made a mockery of the Egyptian gods (including the Pharaoh who was himself considered a god), defeated his armies in the desert, and safely delivered an enslaved people to freedom.According to the Bible, the Israelites conquered and destroyed Jericho. Indeed, no trace of occupation at Jericho has been found between about 1300 B. Despite extensive excavations at the site commonly identified as Ai, the archaeologists have discovered no evidence of occupation between about 24 B. C.2 At Gibeon, with whose people Joshua made a treaty, according to the Bible (Joshua 9), no Late Bronze Age city has been found.3 James B.But according to the archaeologists—and the site has been very extensively excavated—there was no city at Jericho in 1230–1220 B. Pritchard, Gibeon’s excavator, commented that the anomalies encountered at Jericho, Ai and Gibeon “suggest that we have reached an impasse on the question of supporting the traditional view of the conquest with archaeological undergirding.”4 But this is just the beginning.continue reading » The Late Period, Dynasties 26 to 30, ends with conquest of Egypt first by the Persians. Conventional Egyptian dates in this paper follow Grimal Grimal, 1992. Josephus thought the Exodus took place about 1062 years before the destruction of Jerusalem or 1652.

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