Red flags when dating a guy

And if any relationship strife or negative emotions he experiences are pinned as being you’re fault, he is not someone you want to be involved with.

This is not only a sign of an emotionally immature person, it’s also a big sign of narcissism.

If he doesn’t want what you want — he doesn’t want the same kind go relationship, doesn’t want kids, doesn’t want to bring religion into the home, doesn’t want to live in a city, etc., then cut your losses before you get in too deep.

MORE: 9 Signs He’s Not Really that Into You Trust is essential for a relationship to survive. if you constantly feel suspicious or have a hard time buying what he’s selling, it’s a big red flag that something is amiss. If everything seems to be your fault and he never owns up to anything, it’s a major red flag.

You aren’t responsible for the entire relationship or his emotional wellbeing.

MORE: 10 Signs the Person You’re Dating Wants to Keep Things Casual I fell in what I thought was love for the first time when I was in college.

I was crazy about him but the relationship was totally toxic and dysfunctional (for a lot of the reasons on this list! A small voice inside always said he would leave me for someone else and it hung over the relationship like a cloud.

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