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I've been getting the messages for a while - all nearly exactly the same.I led them on through the whole script and it's just webcam spam.Regular banter, active nightly VC's, drinking and good laughs.We also do music productions and have been involved in the producti...You should change your privacy settings so it can't happen in the future.Set your preferences to friends only before you affected by the exploit like I already have been for over a month now.

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Taking a seafront pew, Chris eyed a scar of a road up a vertiginous cliff.Using the PS messenger app on phone gets even worse, your psn will change to all lower case and most of the time messenges wont send.Ive been dealing with this for the last week and cant find any solution. As far as I know Sony haven't acknowledged it as a problem yet but heaps of threads like this are popping up. As far as I have found , the worst symptoms of this Oh, well that's great.We offer a very active and friendly chat & mod-team, our own server mascot, currency, shop, gambling, levels, ev...A lightly moderated community with plenty of fun times all around!

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