Principal intimidating teacher

There was a constant balancing act between managing accountability across the system, the community, the school, the parents and the students.Comments included: ‘At the times when the job is at the optimum level of enjoyment, I don’t believe you could get a better job. It’s an opportunity to make a difference, but the current demands of society are really putting pressure on the role because everyone’s been to school, everyone’s an expert, everyone’s got an opinion and so the supports that I think the principals require are different to what they had in the past.’ (Female, government, primary & pre-primary, metropolitan, NT) A number of principals spoke of the complexity of their work that includes many different stakeholders and increasing societal expectations.In this extract for While repeated references were made to the complexity, the demands and the pressures of being a principal, there was almost universal agreement as to its rewards.

If I make this decision, what are the consequences? You have to make that adjustment out of the classroom into the boardroom. The finance and staffing is really something you would do if you were the head of Mc Donalds. There is talk about autonomy, but the more you talk about it, the more things tighten up.’ authors Stephen Dinham, Kerry Elliott, Louisa Rennie and Helen Stokes use the Australian Professional Standard for Principals as a framework to consider key aspects and contributors to principal learning, action, influence and identity.

You are seeing growth of children right through to adulthood. it is a complex position where you can be caught between system, school and family expectations, and at times they don’t align.’ ‘I think it’s a much-maligned job. Comments included: ‘I think also, it’s fair to say, that a lot of people have got expectations which are absolutely ridiculous of what a school can and can’t achieve, and of what teachers can and can’t do, and they only listen to one side of the equation.’‘The need to realise beforehand that it is more than a full-time job; it will take priority over family time, and so the principal needs to develop [the] ability to put the brake on – [it] can be really tricky …

If you’re highly visible, it appears that you were just wandering around and being nice to people, which is the best part of the job, but you know if you prioritise that, and it is really important, you know you end up spending all of your other time doing all of the bits and pieces that are just there.

It also requires careful planning and writing several drafts.

It may seem like an intimidating task when you first begin working on your letter, but the result can be the end of a difficult problem. Children deserve just as much respect as adults, and if you feel your teacher is treating you unjustly, you should contact your school principal.

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