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However, our new study has revealed that singles’ attitudes towards weddings are changing: so much so that it's time to rewrite the rules of wedding guest etiquette.

That means we’re about to hit the peak of wedding season – and Elite Singles decided to celebrate by writing a survival guide for single guests.

Make sure that you greet the bride and groom, and engage in some meaningful chitchat at some point during the event.

Most especially, don’t do anything you will regret in the morning. While every couple is different, by following the above tips you’ll be sure to maintain the respect of the bride and groom while also ensuring that you (and your plus-one) will have an amazing time.

Weddings are expensive, and while you might feel a little miffed that you were not offered the option of bringing someone, there’s probably a very good (financial and/or logistical) reason for it. Even if you’re close with the bride and/or groom, refrain from asking them for a plus-one because you’re concerned you won’t have anyone to talk to.

Again, the bride and groom most likely had to vet their guest list over and over again, so there’s a good reason why you weren’t invited with one.

While it’s important that you and your plus one have fun at the wedding (why else go?!

) you want to ensure that you’re conscientious of your behavior.

For many of our users, it's actually something to celebrate. That said, it’s often assumed that it’s the nice thing to do – and that single guests will be devastated without the plus one option.While it might be tempting to write “ 1” and on the RSVP card and figure out who you will bring later, a wedding deserves more attention and respect than that.After all, the couple is paying for your plus one’s meal and possibly drinks.While your plus-one might not know the bride and groom, it’s still good etiquette for them to provide a small token or gift; after all, they are being treated to a nice evening of food, drinks, and dancing.If your guest doesn’t feel comfortable with contributing to a wedding gift with you, then suggest to them that they make a donation to the couple’s favorite charity or surprise them with a “best wishes” greeting card and/or gift card to their favorite store.

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