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At that time, there were also many reactions from the public to whether Park Ye-jin was pregnant, but she said that they had no plans for children or pregnancy. He then appeared in several dramas like “Dream High 2,” “Pots of Gold” and “Witch’s Romance.” Since he has become known locally, he was then casted as a “Music Bank” host in 2015.The couple has only turn in the paperwork and have pushed off the wedding for an undesignated period due to busy schedules.Actually, some reports are saying they've been married for a while now (couple of months), so maybe they won't have a ceremony at all. I am watch him in Beautiful World..amazing, heart-snatching drama..again, I am wowed over how great of an actor he is.Congratulations to my favorite actor, Park Hee-soon, in his recently revealed marriage to fellow actor Park Ye-jin.

I've seen him in a lot of other dramas and movies, and each time I'm just so moved by his delivery of the character.

Park Seo Joon’s net worth was reportedly around , 562, 032 in 2015 and increased even after that. The work I’m doing now is more important and as it continues, I don’t have the time.

Park Seo Joon revealed in an interview that he did not remembered his first love but he guessed it was during his middle school years. I’m too busy even to take care of myself,” the actor revealed.

Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won are not really rumored couple but fans of their drama series "Fight for My Way" wanted the couple to date in real life.

The couple have effortlessly captured the hearts of Kdrama-goers in their latest team up.

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