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Using philanthropy to enhance competitive advantage aligns social and economic goals and improves long-term business prospects.Businesses have to see a gain from the initiatives in the form of expanded markets, brand build-up, supply chain strengthening and so on.Microsoft and CISCO offer clear examples of integrating CP with their core businesses by investing into human capital through training and development in core IT skills not only to become product users but also to develop skills to sustain themselves in emerging job markets.Additionally, we have developed a 2015 sustainability vision for reducing water use, waste generation and reduction of green house gases emission.

Whether your definition of commitment means marriage, a verbal agreement to be exclusive or just a man keeping his word to you, our dating coach, Paige Parker explains why you musn’t waste another second of your time on a guy who isn’t capable of committing to you on the level that meets your needs.

General rule is: try to host your website in country where your visitors are located.

This will boost traffic for your target audience and also reduce page loading time.

Has this ever happened to you: An attractive guy approaches you (at a bar, a party, wherever) and starts chatting you up.

He’s nice, interesting, funny, and immediately you feel a spark for him.

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