Online dating safety tips visually impaired

We're also interested in people who are blind or visually impaired involved in adapted sports such as goalball, tandem cycling and martial arts; fitness programs such as aerobics, yoga and dance; and crafts such as woodworking, knitting and crocheting.Articles on topics related to dating, relationships and family; daily living, cooking and household management; and examples of people with vision loss developing a positive attitude, setting goals and planning for the future are of strong interest to us.Short humorous anecdotes related to living with vision impairment are welcome, as are personality profiles of interest to newly blind and other visually impaired people, examples of career, education and leisure experiences, and descriptions of technological solutions, coping strategies and helpful resources.Material that is religious, controversial, political, or that contains explicit descriptions of sex is not accepted.SPOTLIGHT ON FAMILIES: 500 word article of tips and techniques for living well with a person who has a vision impairment whether it's a spouse, parent or child.

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Please accompany manuscripts with a cover letter that includes your mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number. Blindskills cannot be responsible for manuscripts lost in the mail.Articles that address adjusting to vision impairment, provide strategies for participating in family, career and educational pursuits, detail adaptations for sports, hobby, travel or volunteer activities, and identify solutions for everyday challenges faced by people who have vision impairments are welcome.DIALOGUE also is interested in descriptions of workable solutions for operating appliances and other visually-oriented devices; experiences with conducting business online; reviews of new or improved accessible software and hardware; explanations of innovative communication strategies utilized by people who are deaf-blind; safety tips for blind and visually impaired travelers; inspirational accounts of educational pursuits such as study abroad, internships and mentoring programs; and stories of blind and deaf-blind people engaged in challenging, intriguing or unusual careers.Writers whose articles are published in DIALOGUE receive a complimentary large print copy.Payment for articles will be made at the rate of to .

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