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Since there is no indication or 'proof' I matched with anything.. I can't say 'good luck' because luck and skill do not work with cyber personnel to contact.. And here gentlemen, I take a low and theatric stage bow..leave you to your respective follies and desperation with a lost cause...

Again there is no customer service in the form of email or phone..are referred to a site called "Get Human" which charges per month RECURRING to answer questions and all you get is a chat box with a robot..... And the final point is, and i say this to dudes because they are the only real people who are desperate enough to use these frauds...yourself a good hooker...spend the money..exactly what you want sexually... If you are over 20 and not a billionaire, completely forget american females.....

The last straw for me, which made me delete it was the guy that messaged me after we both liked each other saying "Did you look at my profile? When I signed up for the free version within 5 minutes was told I had 22 women that liked me...none of these people were revealed..greyed out circles.

" When I checked I see he is only on there to find women for oral s*x. The site informed me I had to be A-listed and buy a membership to see who liked me.

Then they opted out messaging, unless you match with someone.

it would be o.k, if girls were clever enough, to understand the principle of Liking and Matching. I never could use mobile app, because it was not available for my region. The most recent change is they limited number of Likes per day.

I'd like to recommend it to everyone who is in search for a woman. The impossibility to cancel automatic billing drives me crazy.

Matches that were super religious, though I marked atheism was very important to me.

90% of profiles now claim "Message me, I don't see likes". It would be o.k, if it also wasn't so glitchy.

Recently they introduced some form of instant chat client. Twice already my limit time expired, but magically it instantly renewed for another 24h on itself.

Every site has it's pro's and con's.

But OKCupid seems like a place, that has been so thoroughly developed. Well, it's been developed by professionals, that's for sure :) 1. You can choose between several criteria, even if you are a free user. Messaging system became messy lately, but I got used to it. There is a lot of room to describe yourself, on all aspects of life. It seems to me that it attracts somewhat more intellectual users, which I like.

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