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It seems they heard the critics and for the first time, will deliver. In 2010, it had just released the Motorola Droid, a phone so popular it led to all Android phones being called "Droids" by non-techies.But there have been some rough years between then and now, and Motorola's latest "flagship" doesn't look like it will help get them off this path.

Yes, Android 10 "Q" is here, at least in beta form, ready for software testers to dive in and explore all the new changes. We won't sugarcoat it — there are some annoying things baked into Android 10.The upcoming release, dubbed simply Android 10 (codename Android Q), was first released as a beta back in March 2019, so we've been digging around in it for several months.There's one dramatic visual change, plus there are a lot of goodies in general.There's the Xperia 1 for those who want the best, and the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus for the budget crowd.Similar to last year, LG is mixing up its releases.

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