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For example, the host Bob Eubanks would call having sex “making whoopee.” But sometimes the answers would not be suggestive and would instead feature contestants who would freely talk about their personal sex habits.

One woman on the show – now on You Tube – answered her Newlywed Game question of what her husband does right before bed by saying they have sex, adding that it’s their nightly routine.

So now that you know all about the Newlywed Game, you can play it with your honey and some of your friends.

We’ll start with some tame questions, but they won’t stay tame for long!

One of my most popular posts all year long – The Not So Newlywed Game.

Sit down with your partner or group of friends and a copy of these Not So Newlywed Game Questions for a fun night and the chance to see how well do you really know one another.

February is usually a down period between the holiday season and spring season which are both always crammed full of obligations so it’s the perfect time.

The game begins with the husbands leaving the room while a host asks the wives three questions.

(But when you play, you can have the wives leave the room first if you like.) Once all the wives answer, the husbands come back out and are asked the same questions to see whether their answers match what their wives said. My most powerful sex tricks and tips aren't on this site.

The game is typically three questions for the wives, and then three questions for the husbands (and then a bonus question), but you can choose as many questions as you like.

On the TV show, the points were scored like this: For the first round, correct answers scored 5 points.

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