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When Adobe announced that it was planning an “end of life” for Flash yesterday, it shouldn’t have taken anyone by surprise.The web-defining software — once used for all kinds of browser audio and video — has been all but replaced by new standards like HTML5, thanks in part to the fact that it’s unusable on most mobile platforms. Newgrounds is a hugely beloved early web portal that allowed budding Flash creators — game developers, animators, and artists among them — the ability to host their homespun SWF files for anyone to enjoy.As important as it was, the plug-in became known as a buggy, memory-hogging security risk. Two decades later, the site is still going strong, though it’s a bit past its heyday, and is actively looking toward a future without Flash.Tom Fulp, the site’s 39-year-old founder, took some time to explain how the site has been preparing for the end of Flash for a while, and what comes next. How would you describe it to someone who might not know about the site?Each will feature a different quest from the main game.My games and animations are intended to be fun and comical, as opposed to trying to make something super realistic.In part because they don't follow through on their responsibilities for our projects.Too often our animation, writing, art and otherwise is left completed for months while a programming demand leaves a bottlenecking issue that kills the productivity of a project.

We made a console version of , also started making Flash games on Newgrounds.

We don't want the above to kill our enthusiasm for developing small NSFW games.

If you have uploaded either flash or Unity games to Newgrounds, or know of creators that do so that may be interested in collaboration, let us know!

Just finished submitting the upgraded version of "Adult Only - Sakura Sex".

It can be viewed here: 459932 Be sure to read my comments and enjoy!

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