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If user removes this plugin by using Plugins Admin, after restart, the one in %ALLUSERSPROFILE% will be loaded by Notepad - user will be confused. It is an efficient way out of the problem where user A doesn’t want particular plugin and by removing it removes it for all other users as well.

Edit (03 December 2018): Add new plugin list location - it’s not in %APPDATA%\plugins\Config\ anymore Edit (28 November 2018): the following plugins loading schema has been modified.There was a discussion if the file maybe should be stored under %Program Data% in order to make it available to all users.I wanted to know the current status of that discussion.I like to get rid of this invasive malware but keep Chrome's ability to do a manual update, when I request one.To that end, delete just the plugin DLL (the name varies for sneaky reasons) which resides in the user profile folder (on Windows systems).

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